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Dairy Processing – Improving Quality

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Edited by Gerrit Smit


1. Introduction

Part I Dairy product safety and quality
2. The major constituents of milk
3. Influences on raw milk quality
4. Good hygienic practice in milk processing
5. Improvements in the pasteurisation and sterilisation of milk
6. Modelling the effectiveness of pasteurisation
7. Flavour generation in dairy products
8. Controlling the texture of fermented dairy products: the case of yoghurt
9. Factors affecting the shelf-life of milk and milk products
10. Testing the authenticity of milk and milk products
11. Functional dairy products
12. Developing and approving health claims for functional dairy products

Part II New technologies to improve quality
13. On-line measurement of product quality in dairy processing
14. Rapid on-line analysis to ensure the safety of milk
15. High-pressure processing to improve dairy product quality
16. Optimising product quality and process control for powdered dairy products
17. Separation technologies to produce dairy ingredients
18. The use of dissolved carbon dioxide to extend the shelf-life of dairy products

Part III Cheese manufacture
19. Acceleration of cheese ripening
20. Non-starter lactic acid bacteria (NSLAB) and cheese quality
21. The production of smear cheeses
22. Flavour formation in cheese

Part IV. Appendix
23. Improving the nutritional quality of milk